New York Times Magazine essay makes a strong case for printing and holding on to your photos. (In the News)

July 30, 2020

“The Strange Lure of Other People’s Photos,” a New York Times Magazine essay, makes a strong case that photos from the past have a way of comforting and grounding people in times of turmoil.

Author Bill Shapiro reminds everyone about “the humbling, steady truth that, one day, that’s all we’ll be: a photo.” He adds, “the moment that last remaining picture of you is seen for the final time” is when you truly will cease to exist.

The story cites a Rise Above Research stat of 1.3 trillion photos taken globally in 2019.

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Rise Above Research Viewpoint

According to our estimates, less than 5% of the 1.3 trillion photos taken were printed. This leaves a tremendous number of memories locked up on hard drives. To access your memories in the future, or better yet preserve them for future generations, take the time to sort through them, print some now, and store them away safely.