2024 Worldwide Image Capture Forecast: 2023 – 2028

February 20, 2024
  • Author: Ed Lee
  • Publication Date: February 2024
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  • Report Type: Forecast
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Report Summary:

Photography plays a significant role in most everyone’s lives. The outcome of capturing life’s everyday and special moments manifests in the continued growth of the worldwide annual count of photos taken. These photos represent opportunities for everyone in the photo industry, including handset and camera vendors, software vendors, storage services, and print providers and printing services. Helping people do more with the images that they capture and store is an untapped opportunity.

Rise Above Research expects that the number of photos taken and stored will increase in 2024 and continue to rise at a linear rate through 2028, with smartphones accounting for the vast majority of those photos.  Despite concerns about inflation and volatile economies, we expect that many people will carry on with their normal daily lives and travel, take vacations, and hold events this year, and of course they will keep taking photos of those everyday happenings. This will lead to a 10% increase in photos taken this year to around 1.8 trillion photos worldwide.

This report is based on the Rise Above Research Worldwide Image Capture Forecast. It includes:

  • Estimates of photos taken globally for the years 2023 to 2028
  • The shares of photos taken by smartphones, cameras, and tablets
  • Which regions of the world are most photo-active
  • The cumulative number of unique photos saved

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