Photo Cards & Photo Books: Preferred Vendors and Net Promoter Scores

August 17, 2022

Author: David Haueter
Publication Date: August 2022
Price: $1,599
Report Type: Analysis
Pages: 12
Figures: 8 Charts, 2 Tables

The photo merchandise market is largely controlled by a group of five vendors, who account for most photo merchandise sales in the US. There were seventeen vendors listed in our survey question asking respondents where they purchased photo books from most often, including responses for “don’t remember” and “other,” but the top five vendors accounted for 67% of the responses. This shows both how much the market share is controlled by the larger players, but also how fragmented the market is in terms of smaller vendors who offer these products.

This report takes a closer look at the top vendors in the photo card and photo book categories to analyze differences among age groups and genders, as well as look at the likelihood that buyers would recommend those vendors to others. Net promoter scores for the top five vendors in each product category are also provided.

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