Aspiring Photographers and Photo Products: The Photo Calendar, Drinkware, and Long-Tail Products Opportunities

June 8, 2021
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  • Author: Ed Lee and David Haueter
  • Publication Date: June 2021
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With the photo industry maturing, the gap between those who take photos and those who consider themselves to be photographers is growing. Today’s “aspiring photographers” will be tomorrow’s photo enthusiasts and professionals.

Aspiring photographers are people who are no longer satisfied with just taking snapshot photos. They have or are developing a passion for photography and expressing themselves through their photography is of high interest. As it turns out, creating photo products is a popular means of expression.

Rise Above Research believes that aspiring photographers as a group deserves much more attention from vendors in the photography market, from camera makers to photo merchandise product vendors. At the end of 2020, about 29% of consumers who own a digital camera or a mobile phone fell into the aspiring photographer category.

This report provides an in-depth analysis of a sub-segment of respondents to our latest consumer survey, who we refer to as aspiring photographers. It describes the current landscape of aspiring photographers and examines their attitudes and buying behaviors of photo products, specifically photo books. It provides industry vendors with the information they need on where to focus their marketing efforts for the best market opportunities.

This report is part of a series which examines aspiring photographers and their interactions with specific photo products, including photo cards, photo books, photo wall décor, photo calendars, photo drinkware, and long-tail photo products.

This report specifically examines aspiring photographers’ interactions with photo calendars, drinkware, and specific long-tail products.

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